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Myths About Used Cars

Myths About Used Cars

If you are considering purchasing a used vehicle but have doubts because of some common beliefs, keep reading because we are about to debunk some common myths for you!

You have to pay cash to get the best deal: Your credit score and  down payment determine  the interest rate therefore there is  no actual benefit to paying cash.

Something is wrong with the car: People sell cars for many different reasons, whether they are moving, need to upgrade, change from a sedan to SUV and or simply just need a change. Many used cars are in excellent condition and have upgraded features that you may not be able to find on a new car. The Carfax will tell you what you need to know about the  car's history.  Also, most dealership ensure the vehicle passes a safety check unless the vehicle is specified "As Is".

A new car is a better investment. New cars lose value as soon as they drive off of the lot, with average loss after one year sitting at around 30% in the first year. Buying a relatively new used car with low mileage can be a good investment because it is likely still in great shape without the price tag of a new car.

You will not get a warranty. Most used car dealerships will offer you a warranty when you buy a used car. Make sure you read the warranty carefully and understand it to its full extent. Additionally, a used car you purchase may still  be under manufacturer's warranty and you can  purchases extended warranty at the dealership.

Used cars have safety problems. The only used cars that may not have modern safety features like airbags or ABS are vintage models that are decades old. Nearly all used cars have the same safety features that new cars do, because they were also new cars at one point. Additionally, some safety features are actually mandatory by law, for instance a back-up camera has been mandatory since 2018.

Used cars are gas guzzlers. The amount of a gas that a car requires depends on the engine size and not whether the car is used or not. If the car was properly maintained by its previous owner, there should be no issues with gas.

Used cars always require more maintenance. As long as the car does not have significant issues when you purchase it, and if you take care of it properly, you may not have to put more work into than a new car. Many used cars are in near-perfect condition. Just like a new car, it all depends on how you maintain your vehicle.

In addition to knowing the above mentioned tips,  be sure to ask your Sales Rep everything you have  questions/concerns about. Here at Northline Motors, all our Sales  Reps are equipped with extensive knowledge, tools and resources to help you make  the right decision.

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