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Options On Your Vehicle (Part 2)

Options On Your Vehicle (Part 2)

Options on vehicles can be overwhelming especially if you don't necessarily know what the benefits are. Keep reading for our second list of options that we believe hold a lot of value:


Blind-spot monitor (BSM):  This feature is often an option on vehicles and may cost more. It uses radar to detect and warn against vehicles unseen in your mirror’s blind spots. A great safety option that will reduce the risk of accidents on the road. You will rely on it for safer lane changes.


Lane Keep Assist (LKA): Lane keep assist is an advanced driver-assistance system designed to keep you from unintentionally drifting out of your lane. This is usually an additional cost but can come standard with some luxury vehicles. It is a very useful safety feature that helps reduce the risk of accidents.


Night Vision Assist: Night vision is a form of thermal imaging that gives you the ability to see in low light conditions. High-end luxury vehicles often have this feature as an option to help detect unseen hazards that are hard to catch with the naked eye.


Park Assist: Park Assist is a system designed to make parking easier by automating some of the maneuvers you need to get safely into and out of parking spaces. Park Assist will help you both into and out of parallel and vertical parking spaces.


Auto Stop/Start Technology: Auto Start/Stop Technology automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle comes to a full stop. Once the driver puts pressure on the accelerator, then the engine turns back on. It's simple, and it can save between 3-5% of gas in stop-and-go traffic.


Ambient Lighting:

This feature utilizes interior lights around the cabin to enhance the design and look of the car. Some ambient lighting systems often illuminate the door and dash trim, cupholders, and speaker surrounds.


360 Degree Camera:

Most cars come equipped with a rear-view camera. In fact, it was made mandatory for all vehicles to have a backup camera as of May 1st, 2018. A 360 Degree camera, however, is a luxurious option that can be added to vehicles for an additional cost. This technology provides you with a real-time view of the area surrounding your car.


So, are all these options worth it? Absolutely! These added features increase the safety of your car, reduce the risk of accidents, create a more comfortable drive and make your vehicle luxurious.

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