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Options On Your Vehicle (Part 1)

Depending on which car you end up buying, your choice of options may be overwhelming. Some manufacturers keep things simple, while others give you plenty of options to choose from.  If you intend to sell your car or you just want to make sure you are purchasing a car that has the right options for […]

Categories: Additional Options On Your Vehicle

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Top Differences Between Luxury and Economy Cars

There are major differences between Luxury and Economy Cars that should  be considered when car shopping. The BIG question is should I buy a luxury or an economy car? In this blog, we’ll do a rundown of the major differences between  the two categories to help you make an informed decision. The Design:  There are […]

Categories: Luxury Cars Vs. Economy Cars

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Myths About Used Cars

If you are considering purchasing a used vehicle but have doubts because of some common beliefs, keep reading because we are about to debunk some common myths for you! You have to pay cash to get the best deal: Your credit score and  down payment determine  the interest rate therefore there is  no actual benefit to […]

Categories: Used Car Myths

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What Luxury Car Buyers Should Consider

What Luxury Car Buyers Should Consider Posted on March 23rd 2022 Owning a luxury vehicle is the ultimate reward for most buyers. You can expect the latest advancements in comfort, performance, technology and safety. Automotive luxury today offers way more than leather seats and wood trim. Below, you will find a few things you might […]

Categories: Luxury Cars

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Why Finance With Northline Motors

  Which Financing Option Is Best? Regardless of what you decide, make sure that you read the terms and conditions in full of any finance agreement you choose to apply for. Make sure to do the math and understand your long-term budget and repayment expectations prior to agreeing to sign any documents. Northline Motors is […]

Categories: Finance

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