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Options On Your Vehicle (Part 1)

Options On Your Vehicle (Part 1)

Depending on which car you end up buying, your choice of options may be overwhelming.

Some manufacturers keep things simple, while others give you plenty of options to choose from.  If you intend to sell your car or you just want to make sure you are purchasing a car that has the right options for you, then keep reading!

Here are some options that we believe hold a lot of  value:

Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise Control can maintain the speed that you set. Adaptive cruise control (ACC) is an enhancement of cruise control. ACC automatically adjusts the speed of your car to match the speed of the car in front of you. Therefore, if the car in front of you slows down, ACC will match that speed automatically, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

Auto Dimming Mirrors

Auto dimming mirrors are the special type of rear view mirrors that have the capability to dim the light reflecting from their surface. These mirrors reduce the glare of light coming from trailing vehicles significantly thereby reducing the driver fatigue. If you have a sensitivity to light, these mirrors are worth every penny.

Hands-Free Trunk

Most smart/power car trunk systems require drivers to make a motion or press a button to release the trunk. However, the Hands Free Smart Trunk automatically opens when it senses that the driver's fob is approaching. This is a great option if you like convenience.

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto 

This technology is a smarter and safer way to use your phone in the car, while staying focused on the road. When you connect your phone to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, you can get turn-by-turn directions, make calls, send and receive text messages, listen to music, and more. Drive safe and distraction free with this option if you are the type of person to use your phone constantly, even while driving.

Ventilated Seats

Almost every car has heated seats but cooled seats are an additional option found in luxury cars. Have you ever driven in really hot weather, while siting in a leather seated car? If so, you know the pain! Ventilated seats are a life saver in the summer; a truly luxurious option.

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)

TSR notifies the driver when a speed limit sign or other traffic sign is detected, keeping the driver informed of speed limit changes and other important road information. Although, you may know the speed limits and other road regulations where you live and work, the traffic sign recognition really comes in handy when you are driving somewhere you are not familiar with. This simple yet amazing technology is totally worth it!

Head-Up Display

The head-up display is a technology that projects an image onto the vehicle's windshield or a panel, just beneath the driver's line of sight. It provides information but doesn't require the driver to take their eyes off the road. This safety feature does not come standard on vehicles and  it is almost always an added option. A HUD is always worth  it in our opinion!


These are some of the options that cost a bit more money but are totally worth it when you consider safety, convenience and resell value.

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