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Top Differences Between Luxury and Economy Cars

Top Differences Between Luxury and Economy Cars

There are major differences between Luxury and Economy Cars that should  be considered when car shopping. The BIG question is should I buy a luxury or an economy car? In this blog, we’ll do a rundown of the major differences between  the two categories to help you make an informed decision.

The Design: 

There are major design differences in luxury vehicles as they often come standard with features like leather upholstery, navigation, and  driver assist packages that are only available in  suped-up economy cars.  For instance, a Mercedes CLA is similar in shape and style to the Mazda 3 2.5 Turbo however, CLA is distinctively more luxurious when it comes to interior design, infotainment and drive.

Ride Quality: 

Luxury vehicles are often engineered to drive smoother and quieter than economy cars. A  lot of money is spent on developing suspensions in luxury cars, therefore the  ride quality is significantly better also.


Most luxury vehicles come with a V6  or a V8 whereas their economy counterparts come with a 4 cylinder engine. It's no surprise that you get a more powerful performance from a luxury vehicle!

Tech & Safety Features: 

This is where you really see a significant difference  between luxury and economy cars. Although tech  features can be added to economy cars, luxury cars come standard with these features. This can include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Night Vision, Navigation and etc. The same thing goes for safety features like Lane  Keep Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, Blind Spot Monitoring and more.

Fuel Costs: 

A powerful drive doesn’t always mean higher gas prices. While many luxury cars do require premium gas, some models such as the Lexus ES or RX are the exception. Models such as the BMW X5  and some Range Rover models also offer diesel options. Audi also has hybrid models.


Buying a car is  a big decision. You have to consider all costs  and factors. If you are into luxury vehicles for all the reasons listed above, it's important to take these tips into considerations while making your decision.

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