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Winter Friendly Vehicles

Winter Friendly Vehicles

As we approach the Holiday Season, we find ourselves assessing our vehicle’s ability to get us around safely. If you are in the market for a new car that can get you through Canada’s harsh winters then keep reading!

We have compiled a list of our favorite cars that are considered to be among the best on the road for winter driving.

We’ve chosen these vehicles by looking at features like: All Wheel Drive (AWD) Systems, Advanced Safety Systems, Convenience options like Heated Mirrors, Seats, Steering Wheel and Windshields. For vehicles to be winter friendly, we need to see a good balance of comfort, and innovative collision avoidance systems. To make it all better, our list includes luxury cars that are gorgeous!

The Volvo XC90 T6 is a steal for what it offers. You get a stylish and comfortable SUV that can handle winter’s worst. Some features include a 360 Degree Camera, Heated Steering Wheel, Heated Front and Back Seats, Adaptive Cruise Control and City Safety. It’s worth mentioning, this SUV is also STUNNING.

The Jeep Cherokee makes our list as well due to its price point, safety features like Hill Start Assist and Camera; as well as comfort features like Heated Mirrors and Steering Wheel.

We included Acura MDX A-Spec to our list because of its smooth All Wheel Drive, impressive safety options and reasonable price point. Acura MDX has Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Assist, Collision Warning and Remote Start so you can turn your car on from inside your house on those especially COLD days.

We’ll wrap our list with the Lexus NX 300. This SUV is one of our favorites due to its comfort options such as Heated Steering Wheel and safety features such Collision Avoidance System. It has a roomy cabin, a good price point and  a proven track record on the road during those gloomy winter days.

These were some of our favorites in no particular order. Don’t forget to check our inventory to learn more about each one of them.

Enjoy the Holiday Season and Drive Safe.

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